Get On Saigon

Saigon to the locals, more popularly known now as Ho Chi Minh would be a great January destination. The place will not be terribly hot nor would it be extremely cold. The weather in HCMC in January is just perfect. The largest city in Vietnam has a lot to offer future travelers. It is already a famous part of the SE Asia backpacking circuit which ultimately makes it a cheap place to visit. The city boasts of charming  French architecture, war remnant museums and markets. The city sure has its own charm and personality.

Traffic will be a bit too much for tourist which is why walking around town is recommended though caution should be had when crossing the streets. Women would love this city since visiting a hair salon is a must. Vietnamese are known for hair styling and it won’t cost more than $10. There are a handful of parks to visit such as Dai Nam Tourist Park, Twenty Three September Park etc. And the most enjoyable activity in this colorful city is eating! Street food in Saigon is delicious!

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